Permanent make up &Micro Blading

Micro blading available in the salon on Saturdays with Shirley McKenna our resident micro blading lady! Brilliant for over plucked uneven patchy brows or just definition  using very natural hair like strokes £250 at the moment ! We have been offering permanent make up for many years with our lovely lady Martine from Definitions in Swindon. Brows, top and bottom eyeliner are fantastic! She has been specialising in semi permanent (facial tattooing) for many years and is an EXPERT in this field.

As this IS quite permanent there is NO room for error. She will give you an extensive consultation, take lots of photos and a free follow up appointment to ensure you are totally happy with your treatment.

There are plenty of examples to show you and people you can talk to who have benefited from this very popular treatment.

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