Here at INDULGENCE we use St. Tropez for our body tanning.

We have been using St. Tropez for over 12 years. It’s the most well known of all the products on the market and in our opinion still the best.

Easy to use yourself at home, the range of products are available to buy in the salon.

  • We recommend that you exfoliate your skin the day prior to your treatment rub in or spray, ideally do not use a moisturiser on the day of your tan and allow 24hrs for the tan to develop.
  • Ideally you need to sleep over night in the tan before you take your shower.
  • As the tan is vegetable based the tan should wash off fabric at a 40’c wash.
  • Once you have taken your initial shower you can treat as a normal tan, moisturising your skin to maintain the length of the tan.

Spray Tanning

Do not use a moisturiser/deoderant prior to a spray as this upsets the skin surface.

  • You are tanned in a tent by a therapist with a handheld spray.
  • The tan is brown instantly but will develop more over the next 6 hours.
  • For even more glamour add a glitter spray application - available to purchase and use at home.
  • Spray tanning can be done in your lunchtime, it takes approx 25 mins.

Avoid any Dove products for few days prior to tanning!

St Tropez- Rub in tanning

  • Please exfoliate before your treatment.
  • Tan applied to your face n body by therapist and takes around 15 minutes to touch dry.
  • You need to wear loose clothes as this tan will keep on maturing overnight - and it really increases the depth of the tan.

What’s the difference?

Spray; you can go out immediately, but fades quicker.

Rub in; Can appear streaky until first shower, but fades very evenly & lasts longer.


All tanning products are vegetable based so should not stain clothes or bedding, and can be washed at 40’C.

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