Eyebrows really do shape your face. An elegant brow will give you an instantly well-groomed appearance. Using either types of wax and a variety of different coloured tints, a tint will give you more definition.


Lash tinting in a variety of colours, great for people with fair & fine hair and people who prefer not to wear make up. For holidays & Sports persons its a must !

Extensions - Pinewood Studio and Hollywood Lashes

We were the first salon to bring this treatment to Marlborough, using a variety of sizes, thickness and curls, for lash to lash extensions to suit your needs.

No need for mascara especially popular for holidays and brides.

Semi permanent individual lash extensions that look and feel so natural.
Adding instant volume and definition to your own lashes.
Weightless and comfortable they give a feminine sensual look.
Lasting 2-3 months they are waterproof & weatherproof.
You will not need mascara!
Very popular with brides and for holidays.
The treatment takes between 1-2 hours.

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